North Hertfordshire Museum and Stevenage Museum, with funding from the Royal Opera House Bridge Organisation, are working together to improve their digital learning offer. Both museums tell the stories of their local areas, and include wide-ranging collections: natural history, archaeology, fine art, costume and local history collections. The collections will provide the inspiration for the online learning.

We will be working with a focus group of teachers to discuss what schools want and how we can deliver effective online learning resources. As the project progresses, we will test the digital resources with these schools to evaluate their effectiveness.

We are looking for an experienced professional who can help us devise digital learning resources. We anticipate this will be a blended offer of short film, online quizzes/interactives and worksheets (including printed instructions for craft activities, science experiments and creative challenges for example). The learning officers at both museums have extensive experience of devising activities for schools and families, but we have identified a skills gap with digital delivery, particularly making short films and online interactives, so this is the area we anticipate the successful applicant will help develop, upskilling staff and volunteers by offering training and then modelling good practice by making resources with them.

For further details, see here [PDF].

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