In this gallery, follow the story of the district in the order it happened. Journey through time and see how our area changed and developed through prehistoric, Roman, medieval, Victorian and recent history.

It highlights how and why North Hertfordshire has transformed over time, from 90 million years ago when it was under water, to the urban planning that has shaped the district today.

  • Encounter the marine reptiles that swam in this area
  • Meet Mabel, the Baldock Mammoth
  • Learn about the tools made by the first people here
  • Discover how the earliest town in our area developed
  • Find out how the local area was influenced by Rome, Saxon settlers, and Norman conquerors
  • See some of the characters who lived at The Biggin in Hitchin from its founding in 1361
  • Discover the influence of Letchworth as the world’s first Garden City

Find out what there is to see in the Living in North Herts Gallery

Find out what there is to see in the Terrace Gallery