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Back to the Drawing Board: James Willis and Carl Laubin

15 October 2022 to 29 January 2023
James Willis and Carl Laubin are artists known for their detailed paintings of architecture, real and imagined. This exhibition shows some of their stunning works, including some local scenes and others from further afield.


8 November – 4 December 2022

Our museum is filled with stuff. Pots, images, costumes, paintings, skeletons, bottles, dolls… anything that tells the story of people. But those people lived somewhere and that somewhere is, mostly, North Hertfordshire, a place that is outside the museum.

So, our stuff tells us not just about people: it also tells use about places. We can’t bring those places into the museum, but they are as important to our local story as the things that people used in the past.

This small exhibition tries to show the great variety of places in North Hertfordshire that create its character and are part of its rich heritage. They range in date from the Neolithic (4000-2000 BC) to the twentieth century (1914-15) and in location from the south of the district (Knebworth) to the northeast (Royston).

This exhibition is in The Arches, part of the Terrace Gallery.

Museum Talks

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Escape Rooms

Oh no! Someone has tried to steal a precious object from the museum and we need you to find it. All we know is they didn’t manage to get it out before they were caught; however, their twisted game means you and others are trapped in the museum. Solve the puzzles, find the object and escape before the hour runs out!

We aim not to scare the socks off you, just test your puzzle solving skills to the limit. Great for an evening out with friends or team building with work colleagues. Groups of up to six per session; for larger groups we will divide you across consecutive time slots.

The Escape room lasts about an hour and afterwards you will have use of our conference room for up to an hour, which includes a bottle of Prosecco and nibbles.

Cost per group (up to 6 people) is £120

For more information email Rebecca on rebecca.barkus@north-herts.gov.uk or call 01462 474562

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We offer a number of bookable talks given by our expert museum staff. The talks need to be pre-booked and cost £55. Talks can be held at the Museum or at your own venue; if your venue is outside the district, we have to charge travelling expenses.

They can be for up to 40 people. The talks usually last an hour and can be daytime or evening.

It is also possible to arrange online talks using platforms such as Zoom. Please ask for further details.

For more information or to book a talk please email Rebecca Barkus.

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