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The World of Peter Rabbit™ Storytime Trail

24 June – 27 August
This walk through the experience allows visitors to immerse themselves in The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Little bunnies will be able to crawl under the garden gate, hide in a watering can, and see their reflection in a mirror pool, just like Peter Rabbit.

Did you know?

  • Beatrix Potter’s characters were often real animals that she kept as pets–including rabbits called Peter Piper and Benjamin Bouncer, a hedgehog named Mrs Tiggy and Punch the frog.
  • Beatrix did not go to school, but was educated at home by a governess. She spent most of the day alone in her schoolroom, which gave her plenty of time for her favourite pastime, drawing and painting.
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter’s first little book, began life as a letter to Noel Moore, written in 1893. Some years later, Beatrix borrowed back the letter and worked up a plan to publish the story as a book. After her first attempts to find a publisher were unsuccessful, she decided to publish it herself.
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit was an immediate success, and sold around 46,000 copies in the first twelve months.
  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit is not actually set in the Lake District. When drawing the illustrations for the story, Beatrix took inspiration from a number of places that she had visited.

Structural Stories: the history of six North Hertfordshire buildings

Across the last 18 months, our Museum and Town Hall’s Digital Apprentice, Ellen Munson, has searched out photographic archives for a social media series highlighting some of her favourite local buildings. This exhibition celebrates the history of our area and bring some highlights of her social media campaign back into the physical museum.

Ellen says:

‘During my time working at North Hertfordshire Museum, I was amazed by all the wonderful museum objects and the stories they can tell. A favourite area of the collections for me were the photographs. I was fascinated to see some of the buildings I recognised from growing up here, and how they have evolved over time!’

This exhibition is in The Arches

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