Great Fire of London

Britain since 1948


Florence Nightingale

Fire of London role play and diary writing Find out how people lived in the time before computers What happened after 1066, build a castle, handle objects and armour. Study portraits and photographs, and compare them with descriptions of Florence and Mary Seacole.

Greek Vase
myth writing

Houses and Homes

Roman Detectives

Saxon and Viking Lives

Handle real and replica Greek artefacts. Look at the way domestic items have changed over time. Using real Roman objects, find out about a Roman family.

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Find out about Saxons and Vikings from what they left behind.

Biodiversity through Art

Volcanoes and Rocks

Secrets of Ancient Egypt

Stone Age to Bronze Age

Explore your school’s playground. Look for evidence of biodiversity in plants, seeds and shells. Geology (with history). Look at various rock formations and see how they were produced. Find out about the mummification process and after-life beliefs of the Egyptians. Hands on activities cover topics including shelter, food, hunting and weapons


Summer Pastimes

Toys past and present

Tudor Lives/Tudor Christmas

Explore different strategies for telling stories Become a detective: can you work out where our mystery family has been on holiday and what they have been doing? Investigate the toys people played with in the past. A separate Toy Making Workshop is also available Subjects include lighting, washing, toys costume, block printing/Christmas traditions

Victorian Christmas

Victorian Washday

First World War

Second World War – The Home Front

Come to a Victorian house party in full costume and meet your host. A magical experience for any age! Children will be given the opportunity to get their hands wet and have a go at rubbing, scrubbing and making soap flakes Sharing the life of a local soldier through objects, costume, photos and documents. What was it like for children in the Second World War?