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Frozen in Time: early photographs of North Herts

3 December 2020 to 27 June 2021
The Museum Service has an extensive collection of historic photographs covering all North Hertfordshire, which was home to some pioneering photographers. We have chosen a sample to give you a taste of local life more than a hundred years ago. See if you can spot familiar places and work out how much has changed as well as what has remained from Victorian and Edwardian times.

The exhibition has been extended to 27 June, owing to the national lockdown from January to April 2021. You can also view the photographs on display here.

Here is the gallery of images requested during January 2021.

Various Guest Appearances: paintings by Beccy Cannon

13 October 2020 to 27 June 2021
Beccy creates a colourful world of characters who come to life on their canvases. They form themselves often just from one line, a dollop of colour and whatever emotion is fizzing through her thoughts at the time. She likes to play around with the creative process, closing her eyes, dipping fingers in the paint and seeing who emerges. There’s often an evocative face staring back from the canvas, asking for further evolution.

‘If you are looking for something truly original, sometimes wacky, often thought-provoking and always colourful, then Beccy’s artwork is for you. It will bring you joy for years to come.’ Jennie Bond

This exhibition is in The Arches, part of the Terrace Gallery.

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