A ninth-century capper alloy scabbard chape from Ashwell

A ninth-century capper alloy scabbard chape from Ashwell

At Kris Lockyear’s blog Sensing the Iron Age and Roman Past: Geophysics and the Landscape of Hertfordshire, he reports on a recent geophysical survey he and his team undertook in Ashwell. The Museum Service had previously done fieldwalking on the site and I was given the task of plotting out the results. In those days (1986), everything was done by hand as we didn’t have the benefit of computers or GPS. A couple of items from the site are on display in the museum, most notably a very well preserved Viking-era scabbard chape, found by a metal detectorist in the 1970s.

For my year 10 work experience, I decided to do my experience at North Herts Museum, in order to increase my understanding of the workplace, and the many responsibilities of a museum curator. Throughout my time here, I have done multiple things from indexing a new collection, to helping in the education department with young children, this has taught me a lot about the world of work and about myself and I am very grateful for the time I’ve spent here. Some of my favourite moments I’ve had while here include the satisfaction from making sure something is in the right place, and the research tasks that have allowed me to develop my skills in finding relevant information. Now I can say that I understand new things about the world of work, and I had an amazing time learning it, with thanks to the North Herts Museum staff.

In 1974, the Reverend Robert Tebbutt of Tilehouse Street Baptist Church made a slideshow on the history of Hitchin. His slides and recorded commentary were rediscovered in 2015 and turned into a YouTube video by Sam Hallas. Thanks to Hitchin Historical Society for sharing this, which is now itself an historical artefact, showing views of the town from almost half a century ago.

You can see the video here (you need to switch on sound).

An urban street scene in 1973, looking towards a church in the distance

The west end of Hollow Lane in 1973, with the extension to the Telephone Exchange under construction; © 1973 Robert Tebbutt