Cover of a book about women's suffrage in North HertsMy favourite part of this week was when I helped in the Learning centre in a work shop called ‘Traditional toys’ on Tuesday and a mono-printing workshop on Thursday. I am thinking of volunteering on these days after my placement is over. I learnt more about how a museum is run as I helped move objects into storage, checked object numbers were in the right place and helped open up each morning. Because of this, I feel that I now have a good understanding of what a career in a museum might look like.
I got a chance to expand my history knowledge this week, as I read a book sold in the museaum called Suffrage stories: Tales from Knebworth, Stevenage, Hitchin and Letchworth. I also learnt more about Queer history as i researched: Margaret Thomas, Henrietta Pilkington and homosexuality in the 19th century. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about both of these.

The front of the museum

We have been open less than a week and we have already had over one thousand visitors through the new front doors.

If you haven’t been in yet then come down. See the Blood and Bone exhibition, have a cuppa and browse our gift shop!

The doors of the long-awaited entrance to North Hertfordshire Museum will be opening in 3 weeks time.
As well as a new entrance hall with its welcome desk, there will be a shop and café too. Upstairs our Terrace Gallery will open, with displays showcasing the people, art and collections of North Herts. Sit down in our mini cinema and enjoy animations of local folk tales. The Arches Exhibition Space will feature local artists’ work, starting with Vanessa Stone and her beautiful paper cut pictures of the district.

In our main exhibition gallery there will be a fabulous sensory experience for family audiences. Drop in and see Blood and Bone, an interactive installation. Spacecadets Air Designs have taken inspiration from human biology and the artworks are inspired by cells and organisms inside our bodies. You are invited to explore, listen to and touch a series of giant breathing tunnels and caves.

Come down on Saturday 6 July at 10:15 am to see the entrance doors officially open for the first time.

We will be joined by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Neville Reyner, as well as, members of the District Council:

  • Chairman of the Council, Cllr Jean Green
  • Leader of the Council, Cllr Martin Stears-Handscomb
  • Executive Member for Enterprise and Co-operative Development, Cllr Keith Hoskins

Drop in for free and take part in family activities that will be running all day. Be one of the first people to experience the fully open North Hertfordshire Museum.

Important information: the Museum will be closed from 24 June till we reopen on 6 July.

North Hertfordshire Museum is most grateful to the National Lottery Heritage fund as without it we wouldn’t have such a wonderful new museum.