The Your Paintings website allows the public to tag paintings. Tagging involves choosing your own words to describe what can be seen in a selection of paintings and classifying paintings in a variety of ways. So if there were a cat in the painting, you might add the tag ‘cat’, or if you recognised the place in the painting, you could add the tag ‘Baldock’ or ‘Willian Pond’. You might know the subject of the painting and add the tag ‘Thomas Currel’, or you might know that the painting shows a particular event, and add the tag ‘First World War’.

Tagging the paintings helps people find their way around the website and locate paintings more easily. Tagging also encourages people to explore paintings that they wouldn’t automatically look at.

Why not have a go at tagging some of the paintings in our collections? For more information on tagging, and to find out how you can get started, have a look at

Find our paintings here: Letchworth Museum and Art Gallery and Hitchin Museum and Art Gallery.

your_paintingsYour Paintings Tagger

Your Paintings Tagger is a unique project that is helping search online our entire national collection of oil paintings – some 200,000 works in total

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