Work has started at Hitchin Museum, on taking down the Hertfordshire Yeomanry Displays, and selecting what material we will be showing in the new North Hertfordshire Museum. We are very lucky to have Col John Sainsbury assisting us in this task.

P1010790 P1010791

The top photograph shows the Full Dress Tunic of Sergeant Thomas Taylor. Below that is a very poignant item; a handmade set of dominoes made in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp in Thailand in 1945. Other gems include a flag captured from the Ottoman army after the seige of Tyre in 1918 and an early twentieth century regimental drum. We are trying to make sure that the new displays represent all the ranks of the army, not just the officers, and to tell personal stories as well as the overall history of the Yeomanry.

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  • I am attempting to research a WW1 soldier by the name of Ernest Pacey #2582, a private with the Hertfordshire Yeomanry. Can you tell me how I could obtain access to the regimental diary to see if Pvt Pacey may be listed in the diary.
    Thank You

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