After initial work on cleaning and restoring the Museum’s  Newsham Fire Engine, one thing became very apparent; if we were going to continue working on it over the winter, then it would have to come indoors. This is essential because of the need for light, and the need to stabilise the wood and metal parts in an atmosphere similiar to what will be the engine’s long term home – the new Museum.


A plan was hatched between Colin, Derek and David to collect the engine from the offsite store, put it on a trailer and drive it over to the workshop in  Letchworth. The plan worked smoothly, through a combination of ingenuity, hardboard, rope, careful driving, and a few “it has to fit” moments.


The engine is now safely in Letchworth Museum, stabilising in a warmer and drier atmosphere, whilst further research is undetraken on restoration of the wheels and pipework.



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