A Late Bronze Age socketed axehead found in Nuthampstead in 1991

The parish of Nuthampstead lies in the north-east of North Hertfordshire and is the only parish in the district to have a border with Essex. The only community in the parish is Nuthampstead.



History links

The former USAF and RAF Nuthampstead Airfield Museum website gives details opening times and the history of the airfield.
Nuthampstead in The Hundred Parishes Society.
Nuthampstead’s entry in A Vision of Britain.

Domesday Book

Nuthampstead is the second of Barkway’s entries in Domesday Book.

Family history links

The Uk and Ireland Genealogy website explains where to find parish registers: Nuthampstead was historically part of Barkway.
The Family Search website links to free and subscription resources: Nuthampstead was historically part of Barkway.