This was discovered by Jacky in the Hitchin Girls’ School Magazine of 1950!

When we went to the Hitchin Museum on Wednesday, June 7th, we saw a great variety of birds and butterflies, including bitterns, kestrels, hawks, wagtails, jays and a great many other varieties. There were also a number of butterflies and moths and humble bees. The mothes were brown and speckled or brown and striped. The butterflies were big or small, spotted or striped, and all sorts of colours. Anmials I remember were the stoats, a badger, a slow worm, and there were two big pike about two feet long.
In the bygones section of the museum there was a penny farthing bicycle, a mouse trap, a man-trap to catch poachers, and many other old articles. There were parchment scrolls, and suits, and snuff boxes, and all sorts of things, locked up in glass cases. I noticed a collection of flowers under a glass case, and found out that they were all made out of wool and made some time in ealry Victorian days by a woman, and were kept on the table.
Soon it was time to go home and we were just in time for our dinner hour.”

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