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The butt (handle) end of a polished stone axe from the centre of the henge

The butt (handle) end of a polished stone axe from the centre of the henge

Today, the online magazine Heritage Daily has published a short summary of the work on site that also puts the henge into is local setting. Now that the work on site has finished, Norton Community Archaeology Group has the task of processing the more than 13,000 individually numbered objects that have been excavated since 2010, a huge task. This work on the finds from a site, which is known as post-excavation work, is usually more time consuming than the original fieldwork and demands the involvement of numerous specialists (in this case, a prehistoric pottery expert, a flint specialist, an animal bone expert and a human bone specialist: and that is just to deal with the Neolithic/Early Bronze Age aspects of the site).

As work progresses on the finds, we will no doubt learn lots more interesting facts about this unusual (perhaps even unique!) site. We will keep people informed through both this blog and the Norton Community Archaeology Group’s blog.

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