Cover of a book about women's suffrage in North HertsMy favourite part of this week was when I helped in the Learning centre in a work shop called ‘Traditional toys’ on Tuesday and a mono-printing workshop on Thursday. I am thinking of volunteering on these days after my placement is over. I learnt more about how a museum is run as I helped move objects into storage, checked object numbers were in the right place and helped open up each morning. Because of this, I feel that I now have a good understanding of what a career in a museum might look like.
I got a chance to expand my history knowledge this week, as I read a book sold in the museaum called Suffrage stories: Tales from Knebworth, Stevenage, Hitchin and Letchworth. I also learnt more about Queer history as i researched: Margaret Thomas, Henrietta Pilkington and homosexuality in the 19th century. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about both of these.

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